State of affairs

In between Stockholm and Copenhagen. In place in Vesterbro. Peace of mind, satisfied at work, heart in the right hands.

The past years have been a continuing quest to find calmness in a storm of changes. I ran away to pursue a dream and was hit with reality. That might have been the best thing that could have happened, I just didn’t know it.

Today is fairly representative in the pace of every day happenings, describing what it’s all like right now.

A client hires our agency to help them steer their project of building and launching a new website to a successful end. No nerves, no second thoughts, I’m off and sitting with a project group that trusts what I say, and it doesn’t scare me, and I’m not freaking out. I’ve found out that having a couple of methods, tools and some good sense of what has worked before as anecdotical evidence of any sort of abilities I might possess, the necessary trust is established.

More often than not, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, other than using some good judgment and a sense of what I think could work—and then it somehow ends up working pretty well. No one told me that at the university, and I’m not sure if they should have. It’s just the prevalent situation I find myself in, working in the agency business.

I still want to work on a real, honest-to-god product. A product that is polished and refined, and tested and reworked. Reinventing the wheel every other day can be draining, but right now, it’s a great opportunity for improving my skills, not knowing if I’ll work on a 20,000 page-strong and very public website, a conglomerate intranet, sports app or digital strategy. It’s something new every day, and I thrive.

# # #