Old Reader brings back Google Reader of yester-yesteryear (plus a list of the blogs I follow)

I’m old school and I love RSS. It’s the best way for me to keep up with blogs, and it’s sad to see how Google is treating its subscription service, Google Reader.

I did what I could to find out what’s happening to Reader when I had a foot in the door, but there isn’t much news about the service these days.

In comes Old Reader, with all the features lots of users asked to be put back in Google Reader, such as sharing with comments, without putting it on Google+, and such stuff.

I’m still using Google Reader and Reeder for now, but you never know what’ll happen in the near future.

Here’s the full list of the blogs I follow. Some are active, some are very infrequently updated. I don’t categorise them in my Reader, but I’ve sorted them roughly here.

The top five recommendations:

  • Andy Baio – always first with links to great stuff on reddit, fringe tech and data analyses.
  • Jason Kottke – liberal arts 2.0.
  • STIKNORD – New Nordic Feeling through old photos.
  • convoy – boiling the Brooklyn hipsteritis to a reduction of photos, fashion and interior design. I like it.
  • decapitate animals – a little gory, a little sexy, always inspirational.

Tech, UX, future etc.

Graphic/visual design and writing

“Give me something to look at”

I’ll not give you an OPML-file. Visit the blogs and subscribe to the ones you like. Make sure you unsubscribe if some of them start publishing too much—it’s the only way to stay sane these days.

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