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What does it mean to feel?

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Of course this comes from MIT. Read more on Colossal, and watch their video.

Cyriak and Smearballs got to play with 150 hours of Conan video

The result is perfect:

Sasha Frere-Jones likes Kanye’s new concert setup. A lot.

I can’t wait to see this next year:

He spent the night wearing a series of masks, designed by Margiela, that made him look like the Batman villain Bane had run into a chandelier and hopped on the Q train to Barclays. There were dancers in bodysuits who resembled David Bowie’s alien family in “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” At one point, West was stalked for over ten minutes by a crouching dancer dressed up as something like a black spider crossed with a yak, fitted with red L.E.D.s for eyes. Much of the show took place on a fake iceberg, which also served as a mountain and a volcano. And Jesus was West’s final guest. His glorious theatrical delirium looked like a stack of yard sale VHS tapes from the seventies had been fed into a 3-D printer and rendered as a shock-mounted geodesic form.

Instagram-photographer 13thwitness posted these two snapshots that underline the epic scale of what Kanye is pulling off:

The Zapruder film in stabilized panorama view

Never seen such a clear representation of the event. It’s not for the faint of heart.

/via Kottke

René Redzepi visits Jimmy Kimmel and cooks chocolate-covered fried pork skin with Stringer Bell

Redzepi was there promoting his book “Work in Progress” which I’ve been smart enough to preorder and read through in the past week. Redzepi wrote a journal for a year, and it’s an eye-opening view into the world of Noma and its highly innovative kitchen.

At times it’s on the verge of being way too much, but it’s never dull. I highly recommend it (even though the cookbook is mostly useful as a coffee table flip-through-and-look-at-the-pictures book).

René Redzepi - A work in progress

The Bourbon Family Tree

The Bourbon Family Tree

The Bourbon Family Tree from The Kings County Distillery Guide has been linked far and wide the past weeks, and with good reason. It’s a nice overview of who owns what, and how different distillers actually stem from the same branch. (GQ’s article goes further than others’.)

This past March, I went to Portland and bought a very nice bottle of bourbon which was aged in Portland itself. Digging through a couple of intense searches, I found that it actually came from a distiller with the sexy, historical name of “LDI”.

Looking through the chart, you’ll find that there are actually lots of great stuff that comes from the same source, but just aged differently.

The bourbon I bought (and has long since emptied) was Temperance Trader from Bull Run Distilling Company:


Probably my favorite bourbon ever, but there are lots of nice stuff in that family tree: Sazerac Rye, Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve, Elijah Craig, Rittenhouse, Four Roses Small Batch, Templeton and Noah’s Mill (I had a generous pour of it in Seattle, and it was exceptional.)

Oh, and the book is great! Especially with a pour of bourbon on the side.

New game engine comes even closer to being photorealistic

Prediction: At some point soon (1-2 years), we’ll have to reverse the realness of games a bit, because they’ll feel to realistic:

I still remember playing Silent Hill on my PS1 and being scared shitless. I don’t think I’d have the guts to play it on a PS4 these days—especially not if the graphics are this crazy.

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