How much could the iOS 7 icons be improved in two hours?

Thomas Baekdal made this overview, which shows exactly why the icons create the reactions Twitter is overflowing with:

iOS 7 icons overview

He goes on to make this in two hours which is a tremendous improvement, even if you disagree with the direction itself of flat or whatever you call it:

Baekdal's icons for iOS 7

Baekdal's icons for iOS 7 on the iPhone

Baekdal's icons for iOS 7 on the iPhone multitasking dock

Two hours of work shouldn’t give such an improved impression over months of work from a design hailed to the degree Apple (rightfully) is.

So, it’s back to the drawing board before regular folks see those icons.

Isn’t there anything good about iOS 7?

Oh, sure. There’s tons of great stuff. Just have a look at the animations in the interface on Apple’s iOS 7 overview page.

That is where iOS 7 will be judged the most, because you spend so much time interacting with the screen, not just looking at it.

It’s just those icons that really get people going, because that’s what we can see right now.

(I once bricked an iPhone installing a beta, and everyday phones shouldn’t be used for first beta releases, thus no actual using it for me right now.)


Leo Drapeau gets in the game of redesigning as well, which is an example much closer to the style laid out by Apple, but still vastly improved.

Leo Drapeau

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