Farewell to a luminous human

Last Saturday, Jonas Thomsen Sekyere, a young Danish man, was stabbed and killed at a popular night club in Copenhagen.

He was of Ghanesian descent, studied law at University of Copenhagen, and from everything that has been said and written about him, he was a bright young star on the rise.

Today, his friends from his dormitory, “Regensen“, which is a famous old building in the center of Copenhagen with a long history, wrote a beautiful and touching chronicle about his life, and one sentence in particular caught my eye:

Meeting loving foster parents, understanding educators and patient teachers gave him opportunities which he gladly seized, and that he has since insisted everybody should have: Chances are not something you take, but something we are responsible for giving each other.

This is the essence of my own upbringing, and I can’t recall ever reading that point so eloquently simple.

If your Danish is a little rusty, Google usually translates fairly well, and I encourage you to read the chronicle. It’s a sad but uplifting read: “Farewell to a luminous human.

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