Fake Ghostface Killah reviews Watch The Throne

On “Lift Off (feat. Beyonce)”:

I almost aint wanna even comment on this shit son…. I dont even kno what to say bout it yo. This shit sounds like the anthem the fairies in Ferngully would use to go to war against evil humans to or some shit b. This shit is like Shia LeBeouf in song form yo. Lissenin to this shit is like havin ya ears penetrated by a million microscopic dicks namsayin. Shit sounds like niggas doin aerobics on a magical cloud of daisies.

On “Niggas In Paris”:

It starts off soundin like some shit them Young Money niggas mighta left behind in the studio one day. Like I swear I can hear Gudda Gudda gettin his mediocre on in the background for the first 2:43 minutes.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

One of the commenters point out he wrote he liked “H.A.M.” when it came out, and now slams it.

Big Ghost only has one comment to that:

I dont remember writin all that son. I think I was still off on those dust joints yo.

Read the whole thing on Big Ghost Chronicles. It’s comedy gold.

(The blog is pretending to be written by Ghostface Killah, but the real Ghostface set the record straight when it was close to starting a beef between him and Wiz Khalifa.)

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