Hi, I'm Mark.

I'm a Digital Product Designer from Copenhagen.

I write on my blog at After The Rye, and go by @marks on Twitter. Find me on GitHub too.

I've recently worked for Opbeat, helping create the tool for developers to pinpoint performance issues with their code. Now I'm looking for the next challenge (well, I'm really looking for a job, not a cult to join).

Previously, I've worked at 1508 and Spoiled Milk, both digital agencies in Copenhagen, working on national and international projects for clients.

I've helped Danish Red Cross grow their donation share from their website by more than 20%; made the information architecture (IA) and user flow for Danish Netflix-style ebook subscription service Mofibo (sold for €40m); held design sprints and workshops with a focus on content design and IA for the Nobel Foundation as well as Nordic Council, Danish political party "De Radikale", Danish Ministry of Integration, and Confederation of Danish Industry; helped create an internal project management tool for Medecins Sans Frontieres; defined the IA and content structure of both the main site and multiple, large subsites for Birdlife; reported on continuous search engine optimizations for GN Resound; made a bicycle waymapper tool on web and iOS for iBikeCph; explored technical and design opportunities on new platforms for Swatch, Rejseplanen and Lauritz.com; made a playlist visualization tool for Swiss radiostation Radio 24; mapped out the flow of a sports results app for German sports radio station Sport 1; designed an on-demand video product for Swiss TV station 3 Plus; and finally I've designed a web-version of the weekly TV overview for yet another Swiss TV station S1. This one time, I also got the Danish Ministry of Education to hand out 17 iPhones to some students, but that's a story for another day.